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Potato Leek Soup

I picked up my friend's share of CSA veggies again last week, and they included some huge leeks and nice golden potatoes. I used some of the leeks in pasta, but saved the rest to try my hand at this... Continue Reading →

Autumn Colors

Sweet Potatoes Over Israeli (pearl) Couscous and Lentils If you're getting tired of regular couscous, look for the Israeli, or pearl, variety, which often comes in a trio of colors. For this dish, I had leftover orange lentils which I... Continue Reading →

Spare Summer Lunches

Spare Summer Lunch   For the most part, I’m not a summer person. Summer in New York is muggy and sticky on the street and ice cold in the subway. I’m always ready for fall, and look forward to snow.... Continue Reading →

Homemade Hummus

Who doesn’t love hummus? It’s become one of the most popular additions to healthy snacks in recent years, with good reason. It’s so versatile--have it as a dip for veggies, as a spread for crackers, put some on a sandwich... Continue Reading →

Hearty Summer Salad

The heat does not make me want to turn on the stove, especially in the middle of the day. During the summer, I try to cook extra amounts of grains and beans so I can use them for multiple meals... Continue Reading →

I will most likely keep adding to this list, but to start out here are my personal top 5 rules I cook by: Improvise! Ingredient lists are not bibles. Whatever recipe you find, on here, or in Gourmet, or from... Continue Reading →

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